Use your creative vision and technical know-how to create high-quality videos with our network of experts. 


The Benefits

Set Your Own Schedule

  •  Select projects and schedule video shoots whenever and as often as you'd like.

Reliable Payment

  •  We pay immediately upon project approval, with rates ranging from $350-$1,050. 
  • Payments are issued twice weekly via PayPal. 

Networking Opportunities

  • Get to know the our Filmmaker, Talent and Producer communities on the job and through our various social channels. 

Talent Matching 

  •  We work to connect you with a qualified expert in your area when available. 
  • Or recruit your own experts to appear on-camera. 



The Process

  1. Apply.
  2. Select a project with talent or recruit your own talent.
  3. Coordinate a date, time and location to shoot.
  4. Film your video series in just one day.
  5. Edit and upload your videos to our platform.

Professional Requirements:

  • Field experience and creative vision.
  • Ability to direct, shoot and edit your own projects. 

Equipment Requirements:

  • Pro-level camcorders (SLRs, Cinema Cameras, etc).
  • High quality lighting and sound production kits. 
  • Non-linear editing software (Adobe Premiere CC, Final Cut Pro X, etc) 

 All applicants must submit a resume and test video. 


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